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Our puppy was ridiculously bonkers until our first class series at Fulcrum Dog Training located at Camp KCS. We learned how to guide, prevent, encourage and have fun training. Our puppy is happier, calmer and frankly so much more lovable when we challenge his mind with training. At 9 months old, instead of jumping and flailing with excitement when he sees dogs and his friends (any human being, there are no strangers to Charlie,) he lies down. He's not perfect, but he's a puppy, and thanks to the wonderful trainers at Fulcrum, now we have skills to grow this boy into a great dog.


Keger is making so much progress!! He now can lay down on command, give paw, and come when called at the dog park!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for helping me with this boy!!! He is breaking stereotypes everyday and a lot of it is thanks to you guys for teaching me how to show him good manners!


Fulcrum dog training was a great way to start off our rescue dog Willow. Willow had little to no training prior to coming to our home and Fulcrum training got her off on the right PAW. She learned to sit, go into the down position and walk along side me with distractions close by. A great beginner class for basic behavior training.


I’ve taken my dogs to training classes at a few different places through the years. Fulcrum Dog Training was the best one I’ve been to! They teach you the basics, but the best part is that they teach you how to break down any task and teach it to your dog! They are caring and compassionate, and make training fun for humans and pets alike. I highly recommend them!


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