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Price increase effective January 1, 2022

Standard Boarding

$ 35.00  
per day

  • Boarding at Camp KCS  is perfect for your pet. Completely climate controlled, spacious kennels,  with music playing through the day for your pets to enjoy, then at night its “Lights Out” for a peaceful night of sleep. Read more......
  • Facebook picture posts while you are away, This does not include playtime.
    $5.00 per post
  • Added Daycare (in groups if dog friendly) are an additional $15.00 per day
  • A charge is incurred on the first day of boarding.    Please click below for 
  • Explanation of Charges 
  •  FAQ page
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$ 30.00    
per day
  • If your dog is dog/people friendly, then daycare is the perfect solution for you.
  • It is our mission to make sure your pup receives a full day of exercise, socialization, and most of all– an enriching day of canine fun.
  • Evaluation of your pet will be needed to ensure they can attend group play.
  • Also, Included with our daycare are facebook picture posts.
  • See Daycare
  •  Daycare Photo Gallery
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Cat Boarding

$ 20.00
per day
  • Our Cattery is perfect for your kitty.  Calm and Relaxing, Each kitty will get the own cage to snuggle in. They will also have the availability to explore, see below.
  • In most cases our feline guests if healthy can relax in our 20 x20 cattery instead of a cage.  These kittiy's must have a negative Feline leukemia test with proof provided and current on required vaccines.
  • A charge is incurred on the first day of boarding.  Please click below for
    Explanation of Charges
  • FAQ page 
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$ 15.00
per day
  • We can take care of you exotic family member while you are away.  However, we require their cage to be brought with them.
  • Facebook picture posts while you are away, This does not include playtime.  
    $5.00 per post
  • In addition, if you have more than 1 exotic in the same cage, there is a 20% off the second pet.
  • Ex: 15.00 + 12.00 That would be $27.00 per day.
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$ Varies
per service
  • Below pricing is in addition to boarding       Baths - please see staff
  • We do not bathe cats
  • Nail Trim Standard - $25
  • Nails Trim Dremmel - $30
  • Ear Cleaning - $15
  • Anal Gland Expression - $30
  • Difficult Dog/Cat-$15.00/day
  • To download our brochure with pricing.  Click Here

Other Fees

$ Varies
per service
  • There are certain services that require additional fees. These fees are in addition to our standard boarding.
  • Pets with medical problems, this requires medically trained staff member
    and extra care
  • Extensive Feedings Extensive Medications
    Ear cleaning
    Wound care
    Fluid Therapy
    Assistance with mobility  Separating for feeding
  • Flea Treatment Application Heartworm Preventative  Flea Baths 

Frequent Fetcher

$ 1.00 = 1 point
  • Our point system is a loyalty based program.  
  • There is nothing for you to do.
  • Each time you visit our facility, whether is for boarding or products our system keeps track.
  • When you reach the required point level, the staff can apply a $10.00 discount to your invoice.

    You can be awarded 800 points.

Download our price sheet complete with services and hours of operation.

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1647 Long Pond Road
Long Pond PA 18334


Phone: (570) 646-6012