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Doggie Daycare

It is our mission to make sure your pup receives a full day of exercise, socialization and most of all– an enriching day of canine fun.

Your dog can spend her day romping in the fully-enclosed, secure play yard, under the constant supervision of skilled, vigilant professionals.

Play groups are hand selected to match play styles and preferences. Never are there more than 4 or 5 dogs grouped together for play sessions and sessions are closely monitored for appropriate and reciprocal play.

Scheduling play dates with other dogs is the very best way for your dog to learn and hone his communication skills with other dogs. 

 •   Grassy outdoor yard offer ample space to run and play
 •   Our indoor play arena is climate-controlled for comfortable play in all weather conditions
 •   Playgroups are supervised 100% of the time by our highly-trained staff
 •   Facebook post included showing your pet having fun. 
 •   Check out our other doggie events, like our Summer & Fall Camps that incoporates afternoon hikes.

After a day at Camp KCS, your pet will go home relaxed and ready to rest by your side.


1647 Long Pond Road
Long Pond PA 18334


Phone: (570) 646-6012
Fax: (570) 643-8616