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Frequently Asked Questions
New Clients:  Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to closing, to allow for registration.

What are the drop-off & pick-up times?

We are open 7 days a week except for holidays. The hours for drop-off & pick-up can be found through the link below

Hours of Operation

We do ask that you try to drop-off & Pick-up you pet at least 15 minutes before of closing of each shift.
For new clients:  It is extremely important that we get the information to take care of your pet correctly when dropping off, please allow yourself enough time to get the necessary information completed.

Although we have specific hours for drop-off & pick-up, there times when owners have requested after hours or holiday drop-off & Pick-up. These requests however, if available come with a fee of $20.00. They are also dependant on the availability of the staff.

What Vaccines are required for my pet for boarding?

The vaccines required for you dogs are: Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella
The vaccines required for your kitty are: Rabies, FVRCP & Feline Leukemia.

We understand that is is hard to read the veterinary lingo of vaccines. Below is the acceptable variations. If you still need help reading your vet records, please call us at 570-646-6012
Bordetella: Bronchicine, Intra-Trac, Naramune-2 and Bronchi-Shield
Rabies: Defensor® 3, RabVac and Imrab

What if I don't want to over vaccinate my pet?

We understand that some owners may have concerns about over vaccinating.
For this reason we will accept a titer test as proof of immunity for the Distemper & Bordetella only.
The test must be current and the level sufficient for immunity.


Do I have to bring food with my pet?

We always suggest bringing your pets own food. Abrupt dietary changes can cause gastrointestinal issues.
Although bringing your own food is not necessary, if you choose to bring your pets own food, please have it contained in a sealed container clearly marked with his or her name.

What happens if my dogs must be separated for feedings?

There is an extra charge per day for separating your dogs for feedings.

We must take that into account space during peak season(may-August) and holidays.
During those times it is impossible to separate dogs for feedings. The following are options for you.

You may have to book two kennels, which is costly.
You make bring a small crate for feeding times.

Non-peak season is not usually a problem for feeding separation.

What if my dog(s) are on medication?

There is no charge for basic medication. This means simple oral form medication that can easily be put in there food or other easy means of transport.

If your pets medication is difficult or extensive, there is additional charges for that.

Please see our Prices Page

What items may I bring with my pet?

We welcome most items that would make your pet feel more comfortable (i.e. toys, blankets, bed, treats)
We cannot take rugs, mattresses or large blankets that are not easily washable.
We also do not suggest bringing bowls, we have plenty of them and are easily misplaced when removed for cleaning.
However, we will use elevated feeding stations for large dogs, so if you use one of them please bring it with your pet.

How often is my dog given the opportunity to relieve himself?

We walk your dog at least three times daily. This allows them to relieve themselves and receive plenty of one-on-one interaction.

Will my dog have exercise while they are there?

Yes! We have a fenced in back yard for exercise and play. In addition, we also have an indoor play area when there is inclement weather.

Would I be able to visit my dog while they are there?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come visit your dog or even take them out for a while. The only thing we ask is that you do this during our office hours.
Which you can find here: Hours of Operation

What is the cost for Boarding my pet?

Prices vary depending on the pet. You can find these prices here: Boarding Prices

Do you offer any discounts?

Currently we offer several discounts.
Senior discount of 5%.
Long Term boarding discount of 10% (over 10 days)
First time boarding stay of 10%
Multiple pet Discount (same cage only) of 50% off second dog.

We also have a "Frequent Fetcher" program that tracks your visits. This program issues $10.00 off when you reach a certain point level, nothing for you to do.
There is no discount stacking


Can my dogs board together in the same kennel?

Yes, however dogs can act differently in a kennel environment.
If they exhibit any signs of aggression with each other we may be forced to separate them.

Dogs who are typically fine with each other at home but are agitated by new dogs in the
environment can exhibit what is called transfer aggression. This typically makes the other dog
in that kennel a target.

What happens if my dogs have to be separated?

If your dogs must be separated during their stay, we will do that to
protect both dogs. The multiple pet discount will no longer apply. You will also be required
to book multiple kennels on all future boarding's.

Are you closed on holidays?

Yes, we are closed for drop-off & pick-up on the following holidays:
New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

However, we do have staff that come in to take care of the pets on those days.

What if I am not sure of my pick-up date?

Unfortunately, if you booked a stay and pick-up early you may be charged for the entire stay during peak season(may-August) and holidays.
as we can not reserve kennels during those times that do not get used.
We usually have a waitlist during those times and have to turn clients and their pets away if you have booked that kennel. Please only book the days
you will need.

What if I am concern about Kennel Cough?

Unfortunately no amount of supervision, sanitation and personalized care can prevent a dog from catching an airborne virus.
All that a good boarding kennel can do is to recommend immunization against it, refuse to board any obviously sick dog, listen & watch for any signs of sickness and make sure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible. (Strangely, the dog with parainfluenza alone may not appear ill, yet is contagious.)

Kennel Cough Information Sheet (click here)
If the page doesn't show immediately, refresh the page.

If you need further assistance for any question not answered please call our office at (570) 646-6012 Return To Camp KCS

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